In The Pocket is a digital product studio, which means we’re building and growing platforms, mobile applications, AR experiences and much more. In every step we take, we focus on the digital business strategy defined together with the companies we’re working with. We not only have the technical expertise, but also many years of experience in UX and product design. On October 17 and 18 we'll attend AWE, the most essential AR+VR Conference and Expo.

Our augmented reality team grew quickly in the last years. We offer a wide range of solutions, but focus mainly on three aspects of AR.


Cinionic, the joint venture of Barco, contacted us to develop a marketing support app for their new laser 4K projector for cinemas. We used augmented reality to show the potential of the Barco Series 4.

Telenet Innovation Center

In its Innovation Center, we demonstrate how Belgian telecom provider Telenet can use Augmented Reality in its relationship with professional clients. We created multiple proof of concepts that visitors can discover.

Let's meet in Munich!

We're at AWE on October 17-18