Virtual Reality December 21, 2016

Discover Virtual Reality

Marie Martens

Marketing Manager

Virtual Reality is no longer a hype, but a product. Using our years of experience in the mobile world, we can help you discovering what works in VR for your industry and what doesn’t. If you’re ready to get your feet wet, we will put together a small multi-disciplinary team to start discovering with you. Through workshops and ideation exercises, we will identify ways to add value to your products or services in a 360° immersive environment.

The Roadmap to VR

To identify how your product, service or marketing can work in a 360° immersive environment, we’ve put together our Roadmap to VR: a fast-paced, hands on track tailored to specifically discover opportunities and use-cases in the exciting world of Virtual Reality. In this track, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is VR and what are its opportunities?
  • What are the VR opportunities for our business and clients?
  • How might our VR solution look like, and how will stakeholders and clients engage with it?

The challenge statement

The sprint starts with clearly defining the goal. The Sprint Challenge Statement defines the key challenge for the sprint, and provides a clear goal for everyone to work towards. For our Roadmap to VR, the challenge statement will be:

“What is the specific VR opportunity for your business?”

The sprint team

The ideal team for the Roadmap to VR consists of 5-8 people with the following profiles:


  • Product Owner
  • (Interaction) Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Engineer

In The Pocket

  • Sprint Master
  • Product Designer
  • VR Developer

The Roadmap of VR consists of 3 phases

  1. Discovery phase: We dive into the world of VR, uncover the opportunity for your business and decide on a solution to prototype.
  2. Prototype phase: We prototype the defined solution.
  3. Test and validate phase: We test the prototype on stakeholders and test users, and formulate the final outcome of the sprint.

VR Discovery Sprint

Discover how your product, service or marketing can work in Virtual Reality. Download the Roadmap to VR Guide and learn more about each phase and deliverables.

Discover VR
Discover VR