News June 20, 2017

Meet our Summer Academy nominees!

Marie Martens

Marketing Manager

That's it! All the seats for In The Pocket's first Summer Academy are taken. We were looking for 10 hungry graduates for a unique 3-day challenge. The winners get the chance to work on a real business case with the help of the best interaction designers, strategists and visual designers in the industry. 

Join us for the Summer Academy Pitch

All the seats for Summer Academy are taken, but you can join us for The Pitch! On July 30, the nominees are pitching their work at In The Pocket and the jury will pick the one and only Summer Academy winning team! 

Count me in!
Count me in!

Jef Roosens, Student Graphic & Digital Media

Meet Jef: an outgoing Chiro youth leader who goes running ‘on a regular basis’. Right. We like seeing him behind his computer too, where he can fully employ his multimedia skills. Jef is open-minded, customer-friendly and has a hands-on, can-do attitude – something that comes in handy when he’s building sound and light systems. His organizational superpowers will surely be useful in our Summer Academy. Welcome, Jef!

Kevin Meyvaert, Student Development & Digital Design

Introducing Kevin: a 24-year-old multimedia designer with a passion for on-screen media. His skills include After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom – it’s safe to say he’s an Adobe fanboy, making him a great addition to our Summer Academy. Kevin also knows HTML, JavaScript and CSS backwards and forwards. But most of all, he likes hanging out at festivals, where he can see his precious record collection performed live. Preferably with a cat by his side. Kevin loves cats.

Thibault Maeckelbergh, Student Devine

Here’s Thibault. He’s somewhat of an IT nerd (in a cool way) and always eager to improve his design skills, which is why he’s a perfect fit for our Summer Academy. JavaScript is his native language. He loves to experiment, though: other programming languages with names that sound like movie villains, like Python or Haskell, don’t scare him off. But that’s not the only trick up Thibault’s sleeve: this all-around kick-ass digital developer also blogs about the typographical wonders to be found on Belgian streets. 

When he’s not looking for exciting new fonts, you’ll find him digging through record crates for the latest Frank Ocean album.

Jonas Leupe, Student Devine

Get to know Jonas: an optimistic and open-minded team player. He combines technical knowledge with creative design skills and is always looking to explore new topics. Even more, he hopes to one day use his tech savviness to help craft a more beautiful world. Sounds like the perfect fit for our Summer Academy! Some may say he’s addicted to the endless stream of thoughts called ‘the internet’. He finds a creative outlet in his work as a photographer.

Felix Höfte, Student Marketing Management

Meet Felix: a creative, out-of-the-box-thinker, with a strong penchant for entrepreneurship – a unique asset to our Summer Academy. At the moment, this digital marketing guy is busy as a bee with the launch of his own company. His years as a scout leader have turned him into a responsible team player and fuelled his characteristic adventurous spirit. Felix loves to travel the world and leaves no path untrodden. You can also find him enjoying some jazz music – or playing the guitar himself.

Margot Van Orshaegen, Student Idea & Innovation Management

Introducing Margot: she studies Idea & Innovation Management, brainstorms constantly and juggles multiple inventive ideas – a perfect match for our Summer Academy. Her strong ideation and organisation skills allow her to shape any thought into an elaborate concept, complete with plan of action and implications. Margot is always happy to acquire digital skills and broaden her knowledge of the online world. 

The Instagram-addicted foodie is a dreamer and a doer. Margot loves cats, but she also loves dogs. Anything fluffy will do, really.

Shane Deconinck

Say hello to Shane: a 28-year-old geek who wants to impact the world for the better, for example by using IT to improve education in Zambia – his thesis project. Shane’s pragmatic attitude and practical skills allow him to create real-life solutions to everyday problems. More than that, however, he’s excited to advance his skills in the more abstract realm of information strategy. Not convinced of Shane’s unique personality yet? Check this out: he’s also a beekeeper. Talk about a buzz-generating addition to our Summer Academy!

Matthias Butaye, Student Information Management

This creative optimist goes by the name of Matthias. Constantly shaping his own life journey and inspired by an international exchange, Matthias goes to great lengths to grow his insights in business and economics. Eventually, he wants to enhance the way people interact with companies – both online and offline – thereby preparing businesses for the increasingly complex future. Seems like a great addition to our Summer Academy. 

Although never skating around challenges, Matthias has on occasion been found ice skating, and loving it.

Louka Van Roy, Junior Web Designer

‘My name is Louka’, says this digital creative graduated in multimedia studies. His dream is to give a TED talk one day – illustrating his ambitious and optimistic attitude. Louka has heaps of experience in coding, but he’s convinced he can make a greater change as a designer. Present him with a challenge and he’ll tackle it. It’s clear that this junior doesn’t scare off easily, making him a great addition to our Summer Academy. 

Louka is not one to be tied up: he is deeply engaged in his local youth organisation and is always ready for a ski trip.

Bram De Backer, Student Multimedia Production  

Introducing Bram: the youngest participant in our Summer Academy and fascinated by all things video. Making animations and movies is comes second nature to him, but that’s not his only talent: he is also profoundly skilled in graphic design and development. Bram knows a variety of software tools like the back of his hand: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere and Audition. To top that off, he speaks fluent HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. 

When he’s not making kick-ass apps, look for Bram at summer festivals.