News May 02, 2017

Are you graduating in 2017?

Marie Martens

Marketing Manager

This Summer, In The Pocket selects 10 hungry graduates for a unique 3-day challenge. They will get the chance to work on a real business case with the help of the best interaction designers, strategists and visual designers in the industry. We're looking for a bunch of young, creative and highly-motivated talents with a passion for everything in digital. You'll get the chance to test and improve your skills and kick off your career in the digital world.

Join us for The Pitch

All the seats for Summer Academy are taken, but you can join us for The Pitch! On July 30, the nominees are pitching their work at In The Pocket and the jury will pick the one and only Summer Academy winning team! 

Count me in!
Count me in!

The Challenge

Refu Interim is an interim office where asylum seekers and recognised refugees get the opportunity to work as a volunteer in a cultural or leisure industry. The big challenge? Reach out to all these people, inform them about their opportunities and enthusiasm them to take action. 

For whom?

Fields of study vary from Devine, Graphic design, Digital or Communication Sciences, Multimedia, Information Management, Mobile App & Web… But most importantly:

  • You're passionate about digital products
  • You're graduating in 2017
  • You want to learn from the best

The location

The 3 day challenge will take place in a kick-ass villa in Denée, Belgium. The 10 lucky winners will gather at In The Pocket in Ghent and travel together to the Summer Academy mansion. 

Learn from the best

Besides In The Pocket's experts, top-notch designers Tim Van Damme (Head of Design at Abstract, previously at Dropbox, Instagram and Gowalla) and Maxime De Greve (UX/UI Designer at Marvel) are sharing their knowledge at Summer Academy.

They will learn you to uncover user needs and business goals, generate innovative product ideas and translate those to usable prototypes.

How does it work?

  • 1/06: Register before June 1st and show off your skills in your portfolio and motivation letter 
  • 29/05-2/06: Get selected for an interview with our Talent Manager, Emma
  • 14/06: Kick-off for the 10 nominees
  • 27/07 - 30/07: Summer Academy