Column April 03, 2017

Think while it’s still legal

Aydin Kintziger

Business Developer

In light of Elon’s #Neuralink announcement, I wanted to share a few things real quick, to help understand the importance of companies alike.

Our smartphones have transformed us into cyborgs — albeit very slow ones. Not to worry though, in a few decades time, we’ll have replaced our sausage stick interface for a much faster one. (Forget about speech or AR/VR for a minute. We’re literally gonna talk Jedi mind control.)

We’ll have gone from a megabytes interface to a teraFLOPS one, in terms of input/output speed & bandwidth.

Microscopic bots inside our brain, connected to our cerebral cortex and other parts of the brain, will interpret and translate our neurons’ electrical impulses. Which in turn will allow us to do unbelievable things that currently seem far-fetched.

For example, instead of Snapping or emailing, we’ll literally be able to communicate telepathically. You’ll be able to digitally share emotions and thoughts. Your thoughts will be sent to my brain at the speed of light & vice versa.

Spoiler alert: We can already digitally port basic emotions from one primate to the other. And we can in fact already reconstruct images on a computer screen coming from inside our head (very low-res for now).

It’s just a matter of time though before this wireless brainpower/cyberware, will make up for a new decentralized internet, linking us all together. I’ll be able to see you what you see. Know what you know. Feel what you feel. (Your girlfriend/wife will no longer constantly ask what you are thinking about — she’ll know. What a bright future indeed.)

You and I will be connected to each other on a neural level. Every human will be the internet. Potentially giving us access to virtually unlimited processing power/bandwidth and intelligence, in ways we can’t even envision yet. It will elevate us to a new level of (shared) consciousness.

Scary, right?

Heck, we can’t even properly protect our emails yet, let alone shield off our deepest thoughts and emotions, traveling over the air in real-time.

Our future A.I. overlords, eager to enslave us, will inevitably have become part of our communal brains. Humans will live in a shared reality, regulated by an artificially intelligent being.

Companies like #Neuralink and #OpenAI will hopefully ensure this technology and A.I. get democratised & help safeguard our mind and privacy in the process. (Trust me, the CIA cataloging your online porn behavior will be the least of your worries.)