News May 12, 2017

We're a Digital Product Studio

Jeroen Lemaire

CEO & Co-Founder

It is the ability to ship great digital products that will separate the winners from the losers in the turbulent times that lie ahead. 

The ability to create digital experiences that people love and that deliver real business value. Frictionless symphonies of connected devices, virtual interfaces, cloud technology and artificial intelligence. Apps for TV’s, watches, glasses and smartphones that understand their users and respond to their needs.
A digital product, at the intersection of powerful technologies, strategic vision and great execution can change the game. It can direct the eyeballs to your brand, it can increase the productivity of your workforce. It can engage customers in new and profound ways. The digital product is the key to the digital kingdom, but getting it right is incredibly hard.

In The Pocket had front row seats when mobile took off and changed the world. We realized from the start that this wasn’t like anything else. New technologies would keep on coming and have a massive impact on everything we do. New rules, new game. 

Starting out as a mobile developer, we quickly expanded our expertise to web technology and cross-platform development. We built an incredible team of strategists and product designers, a.k.a. “The Studio”. The past few years we started specializing in Internet of Things and Virtual & Augmented Reality. More recently, we ventured into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This is anything but an arbitrary set of technologies: these are the ingredients of the digital products and services we will all be using to work, travel, relax, shop, pay, communicate, diagnose, learn and much, much more. 

In The Pocket is repositioning as a Digital Product Studio, the first of its kind in Belgium. It is the new way to meet the needs of companies that are faced with the challenges that digital innovation brings. We predict a future where it doesn't make sense to think of digital in niches. AR, VR, AI, Mobile, IoT: we will see these technologies blend and come together in seamless and delightful digital experiences. Only the digital product studio, that can design and build for the combination of these powerful technologies can fully tackle the digital opportunity.

Only the digital product studio, that can design and build for the combination of these powerful technologies can fully tackle the digital opportunity.

Jeroen Lemaire

Today marks the 7th birthday of In The Pocket. For 7 years we’ve been working hard at becoming the best digital partner for companies. We believe companies should be able to focus on their core business. In The Pocket helps them to do exactly that by creating the product roadmap and by designing and building the digital products. That is our core business. We obsess about the robustness and performance of the products as well as the quality of the experiences we create. Most of all, we obsess about delivering value and making a positive, lasting impact on the business of our clients. And, to be honest: we’re damn good ;-) 

The Digital Transformation story is old. It’s time to change to a positive tune. Businesses are being disrupted, we know. Let’s start doing stuff. Let’s create the digital products that make people happy and business grow