Event June 11, 2018

Gears is only ten days away

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

The Gears conference will take place in Ghent on Thursday June 21st. In NEST, the former library, Belgian tech companies In The Pocket and Showpad invite among others 'space artist' Angelo Vermeulen and Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum.

It’s the third edition of Gears, which attracted about a hundred developers last year. This year the organization decided to aim even higher, by inviting international guests like Gavin Wood. The British programmer became known as CTO of Ethereum - the largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin - and counts as an influential voice in the blockchain debate.

'People like Gavin Wood and Angelo Vermeulen look at technology in a completely new way. By bringing them to Gears, we prove our ambition to organize a leading event for the tech community’, says In The Pocket CEO Jeroen Lemaire. In addition to the keynotes, the attendees can also attend different workshops, focusing on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, semantic intelligence and blockchain.

Gears is a conference for and by developers and was created in 2016 by Showpad. Last week the company captured the headlines when it acquired the American startup Learncore for 50 million dollars. 'We see Gears as a playground for developers who helped creating tech companies like Showpad and In The Pocket. We demonstrated last week that Belgian companies can play at international level and we have the same ambition with the Gears conference', says Showpad founder and CEO Pieterjan Bouten.

Tickets and info: gears.gent