News July 02, 2018

Jan De Dobbeleer to lead In The Pocket Leuven

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

Three weeks after we announced that we're expanding to Leuven, we present our team lead for the new office. Jan De Dobbeleer will start working at In The Pocket on September 3rd!

Jan is a watchmaker turned viking. Literally: he started his career as watchmaker for Cartier and Montblanc. In 2014 he joined the Belgian telecom operator Mobile Vikings, where he became App Team Lead and Process Lead. After Mobile Vikings was sold to Medialaan, he was appointed Software Development Lead of Unleashed, the mobile branch of the media company.

We’re certain Jan will be the perfect person to lead our team. Like all teams at In The Pocket, this team of ten people will operate independently. It will be a mobile/native team and we’re still looking for extra forces. Want to join In The Pocket? Check out our vacancies!

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