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Meet our new Summer Academy nominees

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

This summer eleven youngsters will gather in Ellezelles, Wallonia, to discuss a very important topic: ‘How can public broadcaster VRT engage young people in the 2019 elections?’ During a unique 4-day challenge they’ll work on this business case with the help of the best experts in the industry.

Join us for the Summer Academy Pitch

On August 12, the nominees are pitching their work at In The Pocket and the jury will pick the one and only Summer Academy winning team. Everyone’s invited!

Count me in!
Count me in!

We were originally planning to select ten persons, but were so amazed by the quality that we ended up with someone extra. These are the eleven nominees who survived the selection for the In The Pocket Summer Academy:

Lennert Blommaert, Student Devine

Move over Pitbull, there’s a new Mr. Worldwide in town! Lennert once gave a tech talk in San Francisco, home of Silicon Valley. The student Devine once won a tombola at Job Noord, our recruiting day. He was invited to work a day at In The Pocket, where he received some great feedback. Lennert loves the combination between developing and designing - and so do we.

Federico Torri, Student Econometrics and Quantitative Economic

Long, long ago Federico lived in Italy. Then he embarked on a journey to Belgium, where he became data-driven computer designer with an unrelenting love for the intersection of computing, statistics and creativity. Fede once builded a food distribution app for homeless Parisians, started up a giant analytics operation on the coast of Eastern Africa and used a container of Shenzen sensors for a brilliant IoT project in Gent.

Gianni Van Laere, Student Communication

Gianni studies communication at Artevelde. He passed all his exams - yay! - so he’s free all summer. His secret power? Singing Katy Perry songs while working. Gianni is currently working on a bachelor essay about how public broadcasters can engage young people during elections. That’s… interesting.

Seppe Snoeck, Student ICT

The CV of Seppe looks like it was written in the data query language GraphQL. He graduates this month in his bachelor ICT and recently finished his student job at Corbit. Seppe even helped develop the CX Social product of Clarabridge, one of Ghents most successful tech companies.

Laurens Vandevyver, Student Devine

From the very first moment Laurens started his studies Devine, he knew he was in the right place. Every day he’s designing, developing and experimenting with new technologies. Fun fact: Laurens once did a summer job at Plopsaland, one of Belgium’s biggest amusement parks.

Matthias Van Breusegem, Student Business Administration

After one of his friends was so happy about our last edition of Summer Academy, Matthias enrolled as well. Word of mouth, baby! Matthias is studying Business Administration, which makes him the perfect addition to the team. Who’s our client? What’s our unique selling proposition? Let’s find out!

Mike Verfaillie, Student Devine

We know Mike. Of course we do, ‘cause Mike used to be an intern at In The Pocket! Mike is living on the sweet spot between strategy, design and development. That’s why he’s studying Devine, a unique training program at Howest. A while ago he even won an award at school when he and some classmates launched a project to help old people without digital skills.

Pauline Tahon, Student Digital Design & Development/Communication Sciences

During three months, Pauline lived at our offices. With our consent, that is, because she used to be an intern at In The Pocket! Pauline loves designing and coding, and is looking forward to see both worlds colliding even more in the future - so do we. She’s singing opera and jazz, plays the guitar and the piano and is an actress as well. She is the entire Eurovision Song Contest in one person.

Francis De Clercq, Student Devine

Devine students are divine. Francis for instance, likes to use JavaScript, Sketch and Principle to create awesome stuff. He created a React app for school which made it possible to add folders and documents related to the subject of every course and lesson. Wonderful! He’s currently intern at Wild, an award winning digital branding studio based in Vienna, Austria.

Laura Peeters, Student Interactive Multimedia Design

“I’ve got skills, they’re multiplying” is written on the CV of Laura. And bam! The song of Grease is stuck in your head. Not that she’s lying, though. Laura used to be an intern at VRT, our partner for the Summer Academy. She’s a graduate in Interactive Multimedia Design and likes to create innovative concepts. For the Flemish soccer team KV Mechelen for instance she has created an application in which the soccer team, the supporters and the city of Mechelen are put in connection by micro sponsoring.

Jana Snoeck, Student Advertising

Besides designers and developers, we need some other creatives to complement our team. People like Jana, who know everything about advertising! She has a weakness for research, analysis, giving presentations and strengthening brand experiences. Exactly the person you need for the perfect pitch!

The Pitch

Curious to see the results of our Summer Academy? On August 12, the nominees are pitching their work at In The Pocket and the jury will pick the one and only winning team.

Count me in!
Count me in!