Event March 28, 2018

Selling New Tech Academy: The Recap

Jan Deruyck

Director Sales & Marketing

There a lot of conferences and meetups that focus on Sales or Marketing. But when it comes to content about building a business with new technologies like Augmented Reality or Machine Learning, we felt the urge to create a new community. Our ambition is to meet on a regular basis to share experiences, gain advice or learn something new.

Selling something new

For the first edition, we invited speakers that provided a behind-the-scenes look of what happens when you’re starting something new. How fast can you go from zero to one? How do you convince a board to take the plunge with Blockchain?

Explore, build and grow

In the introduction Jan Deruyck, Director Of Sales & Marketing at In The Pocket, started by showcasing the fast-paced technological evolutions of the last months. 

How do you know when the old is out and the new is in? How do you act in the different stages of technology adoption? 

The explore, build, grow model helps companies to decide when to create a grand vision or when to pour rocket fuel on top of technology platforms.

  • Explore:  Early stage, create a vision, get to know the tech and find use cases.
  • Build: Tech adoption is exponential, start from needs, keep it simple and find product/market fit.
  • Grow: Mature levels, pour Rocket Fuel, grow the market and add layers to the platform.

Skip sales training and listen to your customers

Michael Humblet, founder of Chaomatic and host of the Sales Acceleration Show, kicked off the second presentation by telling us that sales training typically doesn’t work to generate leads.

Once you’ve defined what technology or platform to adopt, he developed a simple and agile methodology to test your messaging and see if it sticks.

You could summarise the presentation as follows: 

  • Plant your flag, dedicate a small budget and focus for the next 6 weeks. 
  • Don’t over-strategise and overthink what you’re trying to say and don’t sell. 
  • Listen to your customers, test your messaging and adapt. Agile quoi?  

Introducing Blockchain in your company

Last but not least Belgian’s smartest Blockchain guy and Project Leader at KBC, Koen Vingerhoets, showed us the ins and outs of how he and his team pushed Blockchain in a large organisation. Going from zero to twenty two projects just under three years is quite remarkable to say the least.

He explains his process from hacking the servers, to how he got the CEO involved and managed to influence KBC entirely from that moment on. 

  • It's easier to ask for forgiveness then to ask for permission.
  • Pay attention to your communication.
  • Go outside and learn, try it out for yourself!

On to the second Sales Academy!

This first edition of our Sales Academy of In The Pocket Academy was a great experience for us and we hope you feel the same! Sharing knowledge, meeting new people and having a good time, those are the ingredients for our academies.  

We also noticed a bunch of talent and that's exactly what we're looking for. Are you ambitious and ready for a new adventure? Check-out our positions as Account Manager and Business Developer!

We hope to see you soon at our second edition to keep you informed and to talk more Sales and Marketing. A big thanks to all who attended and subscribe to our newsletter below to stay in the loop!