Shift October 03, 2018

World's leading AR expert Helen Papagiannis is closing Shift 18

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

In The Pocket is proud to announce that Dr. Helen Papagiannis will give the closing keynote at Shift 18. She’s internationally recognized as a leading expert in Augmented Reality (AR). Her book Augmented Human: How Technology is Shaping the New Reality was published in 2017 by O’Reilly Media and provides readers a look into our virtual future, how AR is evolving, where the opportunities are and where we’re headed.

Papagiannis is the former Chief Innovation Officer at Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. (New York and Tel Aviv), and was a Senior Research Associate at York University’s Augmented Reality Lab (Toronto). At Shift, she’ll talk about how this technological revolution will impact us and our organizations, and the opportunities that lie within this rapidly growing industry.

This will be the fifth edition of our annual boutique conference for decision makers. Shift is focusing on big shifts in the tech industry. You’ll learn about large-scale agile transformations or how to kickstart innovation for your business while playing Shift The Game.

Here’s a selection of what’s on the menu:

  1. Is your business ready for the next big shift in digital? Jeroen Lemaire, CEO of In The Pocket, asks CEOs of leading companies in Belgium how they cope with the next big shifts in their industries.
  2. Xavier Geerinck and Nathan Bijnens from Microsoft guide you through a real-world demo of using AI to solve business problems. Kenny Helsen, AI Lead at In The Pocket, will give visitors the tools that bring clarity to their AI opportunities.
  3. Kenny Deriemaecker, AR Lead at In The Pocket, will introduce you to the AR opportunities in your business or product in his talk on 'AR as a feature'.
  4. Cloud technology is rapidly changing the tech industry. If you’re new to cloud computing, you can follow our introductory workshop. We even made our own card game! At the end of the afternoon Dave Zolotusky, software engineer at Spotify, will tell us how one of world’s biggest streaming services moved to the cloud.
  5. Tim Dierckxsens, co-founder of FundRequest, will talk about the role of blockchain in the company of the future.

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