Event March 06, 2019

How Kevin experienced the Summer Academy

Kevin Meyvaert

React Native Advocate

Brett Dufort

Brett Dufort

Marketing Officer

The days are getting longer, temperature’s rising and flowers are starting to bloom. This can only mean one thing; the third edition of our legendary Summer Academy is on its way! The Summer Academy, starting July 11th, is a 4-day challenge where In The Pocket, together with an involved company, ask thirteen young graduates to invent an innovative digital product. This event is a great way to kickstart our graduates’ digital career and to learn from the best. Definitely something Kevin Meyvaert, who participated in our first edition of Summer Academy and currently working at In The Pocket, can confirm. We asked him to share his experience with us.

Kevin, how did you experience In The Pocket’s Summer Academy?

I know it sounds soppy, but participating in the Summer Academy was one of the best decisions I could make as a graduate in Digital Design & Development (Devine).

What I loved the most is that I got the chance to work with a multidisciplinary team in order to find the best solution to a real and highly topical problem. Collaborating with such a mixed team - including designers, developers as well as marketing & communication experts - has been both challenging and rewarding.

Summer Academy

Why would you recommend Summer Academy to young graduates?

Everyone passionate about all things digital, should consider participating in this unique one-time opportunity. You get to know the ins and outs of the Design Thinking principles that In The Pocket is using all day, everyday. You’re surrounded by great and driven people in an awesome location - which, by the way, includes a swimming pool where we could clear the mind after working hard. Worth mentioning, right?

In short, Summer Academy is the perfect opportunity to boost your career, as there is a chance you get hired by In The Pocket. And yes, I was one of those lucky bastards.

summer academy

What’s your current role at In The Pocket?

I’m focusing on React & React Native applications. Furthermore I am the in-house photographer and provide some guest lectures at schools now and then.

Feeling inspired and motivated by Kevin’s story? Good news. Now it’s your turn to shine! Join us for a challenging and unique experience. Register now as a candidate and start dreaming of the summer.

Good luck!

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