News May 06, 2019

In The Pocket is nominated for 3 Auggie Awards

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

We have some great news to share: we've been nominated for three awards at the 10th annual Auggie Awards, which is the most recognised industry AR & VR awards show in the world. Winning awards like these would be the cherry on the work of our AR heroes. The best of all? You can help them by voting before May 8!

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How do you promote a series of cars when the competition is though? It’s a question we had to answer when we joined forces with the advertising agency AIR and their client BMW, who wanted to promote the launch of the BMW 3 Series. We developed an augmented reality application that allows visitors to “place the dashboard of a BMW 3 Series on their own dashboard”.

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Telenet Innnovation Center

Telenet Innovation Center

People who visit the headquarters of Belgian telecom operator Telenet in Brussels can visit its innovation center. Here, Telenet is showcasing new technology and giving partners the opportunity to test their projects using Telenet technology and to appeal to the Telenet know-how. In The Pocket is one of these partners and will demonstrate how Telenet can use Augmented Reality in its relationship with professional clients. We created multiple proof of concepts that visitors can discover.

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Cinionic, the joint venture of Barco, is transforming cinemas by providing comprehensive WOW entertainment solutions to movie exhibitors across the globe. They contacted us last year to develop a marketing support app for the Barco Series 4, their new laser 4K projector for cinemas. We developed an ARKit-based app that brings the projector, its unique selling points and headline features to life in augmented reality.

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