Augmented Reality March 18, 2019

In The Pocket gives politicians AR guidance

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

When you’re just new at a company, it’s hard to find where you have to be. There are hundreds of meeting rooms, floors and hidden spaces - especially when your office is one of the largest buildings in Brussels. That’s why we are building an AR indoor wayfinding component that plugs into a web application in collaboration with the European Parliament's Innovation Department!

With Augmented Reality wayfinding, the European Parliament will welcome and guide its 700 (newly) elected Members of Parliament in the Brussels parliament building. The MP will be guided to meeting rooms spread over 3 different floors and 2 buildings split by a street.

We started experimenting with AR Wayfinding a year ago, when we realized augmented reality is the perfect tool to navigate people in and around buildings. It’s more intuitive than reading maps and offers more opportunities if combined with a Building Information Model (BIM) and other data.

An extra challenge in this project is the client's request to work cross platform (iOS and Android) to enable a 'bring your own device' policy in the near future.