Augmented Reality March 04, 2019

Our first AR/VR Meetup was a blast!

Lucas Selfslagh

Lucas Selfslagh

3D Engineer

For everyone who’s interested in disruptive technologies, our AR/VR Meetup, hosted at In The Pocket HQ, was a must-see. We invited the cream of AR & VR that presented various interesting topics. Talks were mixed, some more and some less technical, so visitors with all backgrounds could benefit from it.

Catch a glimpse of the event in our VR/AR Meetup photo album or check out the video.

Our first AR/VR Meetup, held on February 21st, consisted of 3 talks:

AR/VR challenges

Kenny Deriemaeker (AR Lead @inthepocket) & Dieter Vanhooren (AR Engineer @inthepocket) talked about their own experiences, their technical or creative challenges and how they learned from them in the past 2 years. One thing’s sure: Augmented Reality’s market is ready to take off. The most growth-affected sector will be the Hardware’s production one. Read all about it in their blog post.

We’re so ready to add magic to our everyday lives. Check-out their slide deck here.

AR Meetup

The port of the future

Wim Wouters, tech wizard at the Port of Antwerp and co-founder of Poppins & Wayne with more than 15 years experience in designing, developing and producing innovative games and multimedia projects, gave us an amazing talk about how he designed the port of the future in 3D.

The Making of The Park Playground

Jeroen Dessaux (Co-Owner and Lead Designer at @trianglefactory) produced The Hallow, a LBE (Location based entertainment) VR experience for The Park Playground from Telenet. He was more than happy to share this inspiring success story with all of us.

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