Shift October 16, 2019

Discover the full line up of Shift 19

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

We’re proud to announce that our schedule for Shift, our annual boutique conference for digital decision makers, is complete. On November 6 we’ll welcome the world-renowned tech researcher Pattie Maes, Telenet CEO John Porter, and many more interesting speakers.

Our panel that will focus on future-proof businesses moderated by In The Pocket’s CEO Jeroen Lemaire, for instance. Next to John Porter we have Olivier Onclin (Head of Retail and Commercial Banking, Belfius) and Steve Muylle (Academic Director Online MBA, Professor & Partner Vlerick Business School) who’ll join us for what will be an interesting discussion!


But there’s much, much more. Shift is a full day experience with keynotes, workshops, demonstrations and a network event. 'The digital industry is a world in motion and we want to do more than stand on the sidelines. Our aim is to participate in making the industry more mature and to make a positive contribution. Rather than chatting about fluffy subjects, we want to keep it as concrete and practical as possible', says In The Pocket's CEO Jeroen Lemaire.

Those who want to learn how diversity can drive innovation can attend the talk of Beryl Chung, Senior Creative at MediaMonks. If inclusive design is right up your alley, you might be interested in the talk by Roel Van Gils. Our Growth Strategist Maarten will tell you how you can grow your digital product, while our AI Lead Kenny and Data Scientist Sebastiaan will host a session in which we’ll play AI The Game.

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