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Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

Kirsten Luca is our new Product Management Lead. She worked the last 3 years for Adobe in San Francisco and is since a few months back in Belgium.


Why are you motivated to join the In The Pocket team?

I love working with a group of talented people with various expertises to build world class digital products that make a real difference in the life of the user. I also want to work in a fun and dynamic environment with people who share that same passion. I've been told (and my first impression is) that In The Pocket has all of that, so I can't wait!

Can you tell us more about your previous experiences?

I have spent the past +10 years building digital products in various consultancy, project and product management roles at Accenture, Mobistar and Adobe. I've worked on a diverse range of products like a sales incentive calculation tool, mobile sales app, national B2C website and large scale creative apps in Adobe's Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Lightroom, XD, ...). The last 3 years I lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley, where I was able to experience this tech hub's life and business practices. It's been an 'amazing' experience, but I'm super happy to be back home and contribute to Belgium's rising tech industry.

How do you prefer to spend your holiday?

A good mix of exploring nature, getting lost in cities and a couple of days of doing absolutely nothing (preferably on a beach or at a pool with a mojito in my hand).

Favorite travel destination until now?

Northwest America: from the gorgeous Canadian Rockies all the way to Washington, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, ... Incredible nature (mountains, canyons, lakes, deserts, beach, rugged coastline), incredible views, bustling cities, weird cities, Cali surf vibe, friendly people and easy to get around (even with kids).

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