News March 18, 2019

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

Lieselot has a lot of experience as Office Manager and is now ready to take on a new challenge! She's joining In The Pocket this week.


Why are you motivated to join the In The Pocket team?

In The Pocket seems like a kick-ass company, I'm looking forward to my start!

Why did you make the choice to become an Office Manager?

I evolved naturally to this role, it's my second nature to 'take care' of things and people.

Things we all wanna know about Lieselot

  • Favorite travel destination until now? Copenhagen
  • Hobbies or passions you would like to share? Trail-running and sports are my passion and my addiction
  • What would you do if you had nothing planned next weekend? I would definitely take my car, drive to the Ardennes and go for a long run with my dog!

Come work at In The Pocket!

Good news: you can join In The Pocket too! Check our vacancies to learn more.

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Check open positions