The goal of a design system is to create a consistent and harmonious user experience throughout every interaction a person has with the company. The buttons in your app have the same color and shape as the ones on your website, for instance, and the icons used are always up-to-date. A design system closes the gap between design and development, saves you time and creates a single source of truth.


Consistency, faster shipping and efficiency - are requirements for companies that want to scale. It will also improve the user experience for your customers, as every brand expression will be in line with the expectations.

How we can help you

We can help you see the value of design systems, work towards an actionable plan for implementing them in your organisation, or even design the first components of your design system.

Getting started with Design Systems

If you want to get started with Design Systems, we will help your company see the value of design systems and work towards an actionable plan for implementing them into your organisation. We can help you with:

  • Create a UI inventory of your current products
  • Make a technical inventory: to what extent is the codebase component-based and using shared primitives?
  • Align the design inventory with technical opportunities (code and backend)

Audit your current tooling, processes & ways of working

Define an initial design systems scope and a clear plan to secure the required buy-in

Designing your first components

After having defined your specific needs and priorities for design systems, we can start with designing the first components of your design system. In this track, we will start unifying your visual and UI design. At the end of the track we will provide you with:

  • Visual guidelines
  • Common components
  • Product-specific core components
  • Optional: production ready front-end code