Regulatory changes like PSD2 or technical advances like Machine Learning, bring a wealth of product/service ideas to the brainstorming table.

But how do you decide which ideas to pursue and invest resources in? Simple: great products & services should solve actual needs that your customers or prospects have.

Then how do you know which needs to solve, and how do you decide on the best solution?

Enter Design Thinking.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an innovation process used by the world’s most successful companies. It’s not easy to inject a big organisation with a new innovation method. That’s why we propose to start with some small steps, and engage in one (or more) Design Sprints. Design Sprints are a fast-paced way to solve a challenge, like ‘Buying a house’ or ‘Savings’.

In just a couple of days, we will:

  • Understand your (potential) customers or users.

  • Define a specific challenge or need to solve.

  • Explore different solutions.

  • Decide on which solution is best.

  • Prototype that approach.

  • Validate that solution and learn from actual users.

Design Thinking is refreshingly different from traditional business innovation methods, because of following characteristics:

  • It’s human-centered. It puts your users and customers first. You start by listening to their experiences and find challenges to solve. All the rest is noise.

  • It emphasizes fast learning. You need to get a first prototype or MVP (minimum viable product) into users’ hands as quickly as possible. Only then do you know if your solution works. If not, you haven’t wasted many resources, so don’t sweat it.

  • It’s solution-focused. Exploring different options and solutions is more important than documenting the problem.

You’re in great company

It’s not just companies like Apple, Google or Nike that are big Design Thinkers. Banks too have been seeing the benefits of integrating a solution-focused design mindset.

Just look at how many of the world’s best product design agencies have been acquired by leading banks, like Capital One & Adaptive Path or BBVA & Spring Studio.

Digital has become the #1 touch point, so they understood they needed to step up their game.