It's that time of year again: temperature is rising, you're feeling energetic and inspired.. That only means one thing. Summer is coming and so is the second edition of In The Pocket's Summer Academy!



The Concept?

In The Pocket will select 10 enthusiastic graduates for a unique 4-day challenge: How can VRT engage young people in the 2019 elections? They will get the chance to work on this business case with the help of the best experts in the industry. It's a unique opportunity to learn new skills hands on, meet new people and boost your career

The challenge: how can VRT engage young people in the 2019 elections?

In other words: 4 days full of work hard, play hard. Blow our jury away at the end of the weekend with an amazing pitch and maybe you'll stay longer at In The Pocket then you might think, just like Thibaut, Jonas and Kevin last year! If you're still not convinced this is a unique opportunity, check-out the aftermovie below of last year's edition!

The location

The 4-day challenge will take place in a kick-ass villa in Ellezelles, Belgium. The 10 lucky candidates will gather at In The Pocket in Ghent and travel together to the Summer Academy mansion. 


To fully grasp a complex problem and solve it efficiently is quite the challenge itself. Throughout the weekend we'll tackle the challenge in a so-called Design Sprint which finds its roots in Design Thinking. It's a way to discover and validate solutions in a few fast-paced days. 

Design Thinking is divided in different stages. It starts off very broad and ends with a very concrete solution:

  • Empathize: Understand your target audience.
  • Define: Which specific problem will you solve?
  • Explore: Come up with as many solutions as possible.
  • Decide: Select the best idea.
  • Prototype: Create a tangible prototype.
  • Validate: Monitor your users reaction to the prototype during a test-phase. 

In short, it's a toolbox for organisations to kickstart innovation.

For whom?

We're looking for a bunch of young, creative and highly-motivated talents. Fields of study vary from Digital Design, Communication Sciences, Multimedia and Development & Engineering.  

But most importantly you're passionate about anything digital, you graduate this year & you want to learn from the best. 

Register as a candidate and start dreaming of the summer!

How does it work?

  • 1/06: Register before June 1st. Show off your skills in your portfolio and motivation letter. Show off your creativity and prove you deserve your spot at the Summer Academy!
  • 1/06-14/06: Get selected for an interview with our Talent Manager, Emma
  • 15/06: Announcement nominees
  • 09/08-12/08: Summer Academy


Join us this summer! Feel like joining us for a challenging and fun experience? 

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