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In The Pocket is a digital product studio, which means we’re building and growing platforms, mobile applications, AR experiences and much more. In every step we take, we focus on the digital business strategy defined together with the companies we’re working with. Most of our clients are active in the travel industry, so we have a broad vision on its emerging trends and needs. From Lufthansa and Samsonite to Brussels Airport and Groupe ADP: we’re helping them to tackle their challenges.

In the build up to Future Travel Experience we take a look at the travel sector - and especially the world of aviation. In this whitepaper we investigate the driving forces for change, the challenges ahead and how companies can use technologies to help them. If you're at Future Travel Experience in Istanbul, let's meet up!

Challenges and opportunities in the travel industry

  • Airport as a destination/city
    The big hubs are evolving into major hotspots that offer services beyond what is typically expected from an airport.
  • Bringing automation and self-service to a next level
    Startups such as Claimingo and Refundit help travellers by submitting claims or getting their VAT refunded. How can traditional players in the travel industry handle these newcomers?
  • The passenger in control
    One of the greatest frustrations travellers face is misinformation. To alleviate this frustration, the focus must be on technologies that can anticipate and solve problems before they occur.
  • Use data to create a better experience
    Because ticket prices are decreasing more and more, airlines increasingly focus on the sale of ancillaries. This way of upselling can be integrated even more in the mobile ticket flow, by making use of, among other things, artificial intelligence.
  • The agile airplane
    A plane’s lifespan is approximately thirty years. However, its interior can be given a makeover every four to seven years, albeit with limited scope for innovation. That said, airlines can take an agile approach to this situation.

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