Our team of experienced Strategists, Service Designers, Product Managers, Solution Architects and Product Designers is perfectly suited to solve your modern-day digital challenges. Working closely with customers and engineers, the team has absolutely everything it takes to match user needs with business objectives & translate these into successful digital products and services.

What we do

We've defined a solid and mature process to help explore the digital landscape and define key opportunities, using our years of experience. Taking cues from Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we apply proven methods to define remarkable digital products and services. Our framework is made up out of the three phases below.

Studio tracks & workshops

Kickstart your product & service innovation with one of our tracks.

Discovery Track

Our Discovery Track aims to uncover the needs of your business and customers, and discover the possible paths to fulfil them.

  • What’s happening in your industry?
  • What are the expectations of your users?
  • What are the business goals you want to attain?
  • What products or services will help you reach your goals and make your users happy?

Product Design Track

In our Product Design Track, we will create the most effective interface and user experience for your digital products.

  • How do my product requirements translate into an effective, usable and desirable interface?
  • What does the end-to-end user experience look like?
  • How do users engage with a prototype of my product?

Full Studio Track

This combination of the Discovery Track and the Product Design Track works great if you’re starting from scratch and immediately want to take speed.

  • Strategic workshops from the Discovery Track
  • Defining the product ecosystem & requirements
  • Designing and prototyping the experiences and interfaces

AR Discovery Sprint

In just a few weeks’ time, we:

  • pinpoint the most viable AR opportunity for your business
  • build a working prototype of it
  • test and validate that prototype with end-users

At the end of the sprint, we will have created and tested an actual AR experience and you will know exactly what you need to move forward.

Shift The Game 

This innovation and ideation workshop boosts your brain with inspiration to:

  • create new digital products or services
  • improve existing digital products or services

The outcome? Solid ideas to start innovating!