Ever stuck for a new idea? 

We'll get you unstuck. 

We live in a world where technologies, industries and customer behaviour can change in a heartbeat. Companies need to innovate just as fast. That’s a quite a challenge. But a challenge can be fun! So we went ahead and turned it into a game.

Shift The Game is an innovation and ideation workshop that gives your brain the boost it needs. It will teach you ways to get the inspiration flowing and send you home with a head full of ideas.

Who should play?

Everyone in need of inspiration and ideas to:

  • create new digital products or services
  • improve existing digital products or services

How does it work?

Shift is a card game. There are no spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds though. Instead, you’ll be playing with 75 powerful technologies, impressive companies and ground-breaking trends.

To start things off, we’ll introduce you to the game, the cards and the trends, technologies and companies that inspired them.

Then, we play:

  • We energise and get our brains into creative mode. Just surf on your brain waves and start mixing cards as you go along.
  • We boost it up and focus on how we can improve your product or service in categories like user satisfaction or engagement. Who can get the highest score?
  • We brainstorm actual ideas for entirely new products or services for your company.
  • We pitch our best ideas to each other.

What's the outcome?

By the end of the workshop, you‘ll have concrete ideas of how you can start innovating. You’ll also know which trends in the industry and among users you should respond to, which companies’ innovative examples you should follow and which technologies will help you get there.

Practical info

  • Timing: the workshop takes about 3 hours.
  • 6 to 20 people can attend.
  • Each participant gets a deck of Shift cards to take home.
  • Pricing: € 2.500 (or for clients: contact your account manager).

Ready to get the inspiration flowing?

Dive into a sea of possibilities, bring up the best ideas and start innovating!