Blockchain is revolutionising the web. The application of the technology is much broader than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. It can be used to build apps, games, exchanges, storage systems and much more. Blockchain enables you to build trust and transparency by design in any digital product. 

Finding significant value for your business requires some skill and that's where In The Pocket's Blockchain team can help.

Whether you're just getting started or want to go full on in development mode, we got you covered. In The Pocket offers introductory Blockchain sessions, as well as full on Blockchain development services. 

What we do

Based on the use cases a blockchain project will have different characteristics. Uncovering the potential and matching it with the right technology and platforms is vital for success. 

  • Understanding blockchain
    Demystifying the Blockchain is step 1. We'll explain it like we would to a 5 year old. 
  • Explore 
    We'll deep dive in your business and explore Blockchain use cases. Matching the highest value services and products with the most important stakeholders is a great way to uncover the potential.
  • The value map
    After exploring we'll have a clear map of potential products. Designing a clear roadmap from the first pilot to a full on ecosystem will help to guide the way.
  • Build the pilot
    Bringing ideas to life in the pilot is essential to move forward.