Cognitive technologies are increasingly being used to solve business problems. From enhancing products to optimizing operations, it’s about becoming smarter and more efficient at what we do.

The benefits displayed in the graph are clear and abundant.

  • But how does one decide where to start?
  • What are the possibilities?
  • Which technologies are important?
  • And more importantly how can AI help your business?

We guide the way

To help companies explore the possibilities of AI, we’ve created a 4-step program that aims to uncover potential use cases, build a first pilot and deliver a clear roadmap as a final result.

Together with a small team on your side, we’ll move from understanding the tech to working prototypes, in just a couple of weeks.

Based on our experience of creating premium digital products and building AI models, In The Pocket will go beyond data and provide the toolkit that you need to grow your business.

In this half-day session, we will make you familiar with artificial intelligence and inspire you with some leading examples:

  • AI vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning?
  • Why is AI important for my business?
  • What are AI’s main building blocks?
  • Inspiring use cases and leading examples

Now that we’re familiar with the technology and its terminology, we can start uncovering your specific AI projects and use cases.

  • Experience workshop: We identify opportunities through the lens of your customers and your internal processes: what do the current journeys and processes look like and where could AI improve this journey or process?
  • Data workshop: We look at the opportunities from a technical perspective and identify which AI building blocks could improve our technologies and what data sources are available.
  • Prioritization: We prioritize the AI opportunities based on business value, impact on your company strategy, and effort to implement.

Based on this prioritization, we will choose one use case to prototype.

With our use cases defined and prioritized, we can start building towards a first prototype:

  • We build a team and combine the skills of In The Pocket and the client.
  • Data structure & labeling: We analyze and format your data, to prepare it for the deep learning engine.
  • Training the model: We train pilot datasets, gradually facilitating access to your team members.
  • Building the interface: The interface is where you, the end user, meet the AI. It allows for clear and comprehensible two-way communication between the two.

This is where the real fun starts. Validating our first prototype to see how it can potentially scale throughout your business.

Based on the feedback and learnings from our first prototype, we can define the roadmap towards a further, scaled implementation.

Download the AI Value Canvas

Similar to the business model canvas, we have created an AI Value Canvas Toolkit which helps you crystallize your needs, and avoid technical discussion about neural networks. Use this canvas to identify your AI opportunities today!

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