Augmented reality is all about the experience. Good AR makes you believe that the digital things you’re seeing are really happening. Whether it’s an alpaca dancing in your bedroom or a giant arrow showing you where you have to go; you can’t just add a random layer on the reality, it has to be credible.

That’s where AI comes in, because by combining AI and AR you can create AR that interacts with its environment. By integrating smart image recognition in our applications, they can recognize walls, doors and other objects. We train our models by feeding them data, so they know which trigger has to launch specific AR features.

This computer vision can also be used for other things. For example, you could scan a room and then indicate which things are missing by using augmented reality. You could use this application in factories, storage sheds and stockrooms.

Transferring physical objects into a digital environment by creating so-called digital twins allows us to train models without interfering in the real world. This makes it possible to for instance simulate decision in advance or train models to predict certain behavior.

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