To identify how your customer, employee or stakeholder would interact in an AR environment, we designed the Roadmap to AR: a fast-paced & hands-on track, tailored specifically to discover opportunities and use cases in the exciting world of Augmented Reality.

In just a few weeks’ time, we:

  • pinpoint the most viable AR opportunity for your business
  • build a working prototype of it
  • test and validate that prototype

At the end of the trip, we will have created and tested an actual AR experience and you will know exactly what you need to move forward.

Let's team up

During an Roadmap to AR, we team up over the course of a few weeks. The ideal team consists of 5 to 8 people: 

  • Your company: Product Owner, Customer Expert, Business Analyst, Engineer
  • In The Pocket: Sprint Master, Product Designer, AR Developer

3 phases

1. Discovery phase

We start by identifying AR opportunities. We’ll dig deep into your business and the different AR possibilities out there. Eventually, we’ll pinpoint the most viable opportunity. This will be the challenge for the rest of the sprint. A few possibilities:

  • How can AR improve your digital customer journey?
  • Where can AR improve navigating your venue?
  • How can AR improve your manufacturing or logistic processes?
  • How can AR improve an error-prone installation process?

Once we have defined the challenge, we’ll explore possible solutions and find the best approach

2. Prototyping phase

In The Pocket develops a working prototype of the solution we defined in phase 1. Check out this prototype we made for Telenet

3. Testing and validating phase

How do we make sure that the prototype actually delivers the solution to our initial challenge? We test it, of course. We ask different test users and stakeholders to try it. This will give us valuable (and essential) user feedback. 

What do you get?

After the trip, you will have:

  • A working prototype of a viable AR use case
  • A clear and thorough report outlining the learnings from the sprint and defining the possible next steps.

If you decide to take it a step further and develop an AR product, you will have a very clear idea of:

  • What your AR product will look like
  • The specific product design challenges
  • How user will interact and engage with it 

Ready to discover 
Augmented Reality?

Discover opportunities and use-cases in the exciting world of augmented reality with our Roadmap to AR.