Since the origins of Augmented Reality (AR), the manufacturing industry has always been one of its prominent application domains. The big challenges introduced by the fourth industrial revolution (renowned as industry 4.0) further enlarge the applicability of AR to improve industrial processes. Augmented Reality offers great value in helping enterprises streamline their production and maintenance cycles and could be the solution for the skilled labor shortage.



Why should you start experimenting?

Interested in how this kind of technology can be applied in your business? We can help you with that! In our ‘Roadmap to AR’ track, we help you identify the areas of opportunities within your organisation and rapidly create prototypes to validate with your customers or employees which application would help them work more accurate, better and faster. 



Not convinced? Take a look at the results we booked for TelenetGroupe ADP or Van de Velde.

Who should hire us?

  • Operational Executives
  • Automation Managers 
  • Plant Directors
  • Site Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • BIM engineers


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Want to know what Augmented Reality can do for your business? Book a 10 min video call with Joris, he will answer all your questions!


Book An Expert Fly-In

Get 20 Ideas in 3 Hours! Our Strategists will help you to define your design challenges and to sketch out many possible solutions for each challenge. We will help you to pitch, review and iterate on the best ideas. The fine-tuned concept will make the perfect ingredient to build your business case. 

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