Great digital experiences don’t materialise from thin air. They are the outcome of a clear digital strategy: what needs are you solving for your customers, what business objectives do you want to attain and which digital touchpoints will allow you to succeed?

Together, we define the digital vision that will make your business grow, and provide the plans to turn that vision into a reality. In short, you'll have everything to move forward in digital with confidence. We are catalysts, not just consultants. We deliver roadmaps, not just presentations.

We help you shape your digital business strategy by:

  • Understanding customer journeys and defining user needs, unlocking digital business opportunities
  • Aligning around business objectives
  • Blueprinting your future services and interactions: providing a holistic to-be overview of your digital touch points, processes and supporting systems
  • Designing your future digital enterprise architecture to support said service or product

You can count on our team of (senior) digital business strategists and enterprise architects to help you throughout the entire journey. Whether it is defining or challenging your digital business strategy, creating and validating concepts, designing your digital platform or growing an existing product… the result is always an actionable recommendation.

customer needs

How we work

Our team of strategists will create a tailor-made approach to tackle your challenge or need. Broadly speaking, we can help you with:

Our process starts by thoroughly understanding your business, the people we are designing for, and the needs our concepts are intended to fulfill.

Build understanding around:

  • Your business, market and ecosystem
  • Your existing channels, processes and systems
  • Your stakeholders, users or segments, and their needs
  • Your industry ecosystem

Whether it is capturing existing insights, or bringing new research to the table, we have multiple exercises in our toolbox to bring the understanding required.

Through thorough understanding we identify and define:

  • The user and stakeholders needs to solve across the customer journey
  • Key challenges or moments of truth
  • Business objectives and non-functional requirements

This will be the basis for our North Star, our vision. It’s where we shape the value proposition from. It’s making sure we recommend the right digital solutions and architecture.

No digital strategy without a digital platform. With our vision aligned, we will now explore the future ecosystem of digital channels, services and required platforms. In this phase we will focus on 2 deliverables: an exhaustive service blueprint and a digital enterprise architecture.

Service blueprinting:

  • Holistic overview of the entire digital service or experience
  • What are the user interactions, the different touch points, the staff actions, supporting systems and processes?
  • This blueprint clearly defines: what happens in front and behind the scenes?

Enterprise architecture:

  • Design to-be digital enterprise architecture to support service design
  • Identify the most important non-functional requirements needed to support business objectives
  • Consider the delta with the current situation and advise in a potential roadmap
  • Support buy or build decisions for distinct systems

Aligned with the defined digital vision and the to-be architecture we will draw a roadmap for implementation, consisting of a:

  • High-level project plan
  • Indications on budget
  • Dependencies and risk management

In a facilitated workshop with the decision-makers in your organization, we will prioritize all concepts, features and ideas, based on their:

  • Value: will these help us solve user needs and frustrations, or realize business objectives, and ideally both?
  • Complexity: what is the technical feasibility? (No in-depth assessments, but a high-level sense of perceived effort)

At the end of our exercise, you have a clear digital strategy: a future-proof vision and a plan to release it. You can now confidently move forward and commence development.