Launching your product is just a first step. Beyond a first release, you want to grow your product to increase its business succes.

Our Growth Track aims to boost your product’s user base, engagement and retention through a structured goal-oriented approach:

  • Are your product’s KPIs well defined and measurable?
  • How is your product reaching the KPIs?
  • Which structured experiments and improvements can we launch that can stimulate a desired KPI?

Before we can start growing your product, we need to thoroughly know its current state and intended goals. In this intake workshop, we will :

  • gain understanding of and align on the product’s value proposition;
  • analyse the product’s KPIs and current metrics;
  • kickstart ideation on growth opportunities for specific KPIs.

Based on the kickoff workshop, our growth team will define a series of targeted growth experiments. These are aimed to boost your product’s success on 3 key areas:

  • Acquisition: how can we attract a bigger user base to our product?
  • Engagement: how can we boost the product’s stickiness?
  • Retention: how can we increase the product’s long-term value?

After prioritising the growth experiments on potential impact, probability of success and required effort, we can start implementing them into the product.


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Grow your product’s user base, engagement
and retention through our growth team’s
structured goal-oriented approach.