Launching your product is just a first step. Beyond a first release, you want to grow your product to increase its business succes.

Our Growth Track aims to boost your product’s user base, engagement and retention through a structured goal-oriented approach:

  • Are your product’s KPIs well defined and measurable?
  • How is your product reaching the KPIs?
  • Which structured experiments and improvements can we launch that can stimulate a desired KPI?

Before we can start growing your product, we need to thoroughly know its current state and intended goals. In a fast-paced kickoff workshop we find the objective(s) of the Growth Track, which could range from activation and conversion to engagement and retention. We create the different Objectives and Key Results and make a roadmap.

With the OKRs in mind, we dive into the analytics. If needed, we help the client set up or improve its product analytics.

Now we know what problems we’re solving, we organise a workshop aimed to ideate as much ideas as possible. By using different brainstorming techniques, we improve the amount of ideas generated.

The outcome of these sessions is a list of hypotheses we can test in the later process. We’ll keep track of all the experiments in Experiment Docs.

The experiments can take many forms, ranging from A/B-testing copy or setting up push notifications to creating an onboarding flow.

We aim to have regular growth meetings in which we discuss the learnings from previous experiments, challenge them and deduct next steps from them.

Get started and boost your Product Growth

Grow your product’s user base, engagement
and retention through our growth team’s 
structured goal-oriented approach. Let's join forces!