Our Discovery Track shows you the digital solutions that will help your users/customers and your business succeed. In this short and hands-on track you will find answers to the following questions

  • What are the (digital) expectations of your users, and what are pain points in their journey?
  • What's happening in your industry, and how can technology be leveraged to benefit from these transformations?
  • What are the digital products or services that will help you reach your goals and better serve your users? 

As an outcome, you will have a tangible digital strategy. Not just bullet points, but actionable concepts and a clear roadmap.

We can guide you on a company-wide level, or zoom into your digital offering for a particular business unit or stakeholder. Alternatively, we can also take a particular new technology, like Augmented Reality or Machine Learning, as the starting point for our exploration.

We use Design Thinking to identify the needs-to-solve and explore the best solutions.

Our process starts by thoroughly understanding the people we are designing for, and the needs our concepts are intended to solve. We can capture existing customer or user insights with facilitated exercises (like audience or experience mapping), or we can engage in actual user research or co-creation.

Additionally, we also comprehend the business context and the goals you want to attain.

Depending on the availability of user insights and clarity around the goals, this phase takes about 1 - 3 workshops

With the objectives and direction defined, we can start mapping out the path to success.

Through some guided ideation exercises, and adding our knowledge of digital products, we will give you an overview of your future digital ecosystem:

  • What are the products or services that will help you and your users attain the goals?
  • How do these work? What are their features?
  • How do these touch points work together and connect with the bigger ecosystem of solutions?

To make things tangible, we always create some wireframes or mock-ups of the key concepts. We believe you like looking at solutions, not just bullet points.

Optionally, we can further assist you. For instance, by:

  • Prototyping: we can continue our exploration by deep diving into one of the solutions, in a Product Design Track. Here, we work out your product or service to a best-in-class solutions. We do this by creating the different screens in interaction and/or visual design, mapping out the service blueprint, creating the solution architecture of how everything should work technically.
  • Testing: we can validate our prototype with stakeholders and users to see if it helps them succeed, or uncover improvement areas before valuable development effort has been done.

At the end of this optional phase, you have everything to progress confidently. Get the scaffold board, it’s time to build the product.

Get started with a Discovery Track

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