A job at In The Pocket comes with many advantages. Fantastic colleagues and the chance to help building the world of tomorrow, of course, but also a lot of other perks & benefits. They will make your life easier and take away some of your biggest everyday worries. So sit back, relax, and read what we’re offering.

1. We’ve got you covered

As your mum would say: health is the greatest wealth. You’ll get a worldwide hospitalisation insurance that covers your medical expenses. It offers important benefits that a basic health insurance doesn’t. We care about your family too, so you can get them covered at a reduced rate. Break a leg!

Spoiler alert: the pension you’re going to get from the government probably won’t cut it. With a group insurance, In The Pocket builds up an extra pension for you. Every year, a significant sum goes into your pension fund.

With this group insurance comes a life insurance. In the unfortunate event of your death, your loved ones will be taken care of. They will receive a minimum of € 25.000 or more if the sum that’s in your insurance fund is higher than that amount at that moment.

2. Get connected

How can you develop apps without using apps? Every other year, In The Pocket provides you with a top-notch new smartphone. We’re a digital product studio, so we want you to have the best. You can choose any device you like for a budget of no less than € 1.000. Yup, that basically comes down to any smartphone available right now! And if you do have your eye on a more expensive one, we’ll pay the first € 1.000 and you pitch in for the rest. 

Back in the days our grandparents used to develop innovative projects on a piece of paper. Luckily we nowadays have this crazy thing called ‘laptops’ so you don’t have to worry about any work equipments. We’ll provide a Mac for you to work on and take it home with you after working hours.

‘Hi mom? Yes, it’s me. Just wanted to tell you that In The Pocket will pay my internet at home and a mobile phone contract once I join the company. Does this mean I’ll call you more often? Woops, gotta go, there’s a caller on line two!’

3. Ya like to...move it!

Love trains? (Weird fetish, but come as you are). Can’t separate yourself from your bike? We’ll support whatever way you prefer to get to the office (we just don’t have parking spots for rocket ships. Yet). You can choose whether you want a:

  • Bike fee (min. 6 and max. 30 km) and a monthly contribution to your bicycle lease payments
  • NMBS and/or De Lijn subscription 
  • Parking subscription for Dok Noord

Unleashing your inner Freddie Mercury is always a great idea. Whether you like city bikes, folding bikes or those fancy electric thingies: any kind of bicycles you want, you can lease it through In The Pocket. Leasing a brand new, high-end bike will be at least 40% cheaper than buying one yourself.

You get to choose from 250 different models, receive a substantial maintenance and repair budget and an omnium insurance. After 3 years, you can purchase the bike at 15% of its value.

If you need some temporary wheels (whether it’s 2 or 4), we’ll get you some. There are a few nifty pool bikes and decent pool cars you can book for visits to clients, for instance. 

If you want you can also use them over lunch or during the evenings and weekends for a shopping spree, a drive to the Ardennes, a romantic getaway to Paris or… wait, what were we talking about?

4. Money in the pocket

Let’s put your money where your mouth is. You will receive meal vouchers for an amount of € 8 for each day you’ve worked. You’ll pay € 1,09 (the minimum amount) of this yourself. 

We want to colour the world plant by plant. That’s why you’ll receive €250 ecocheques each year.

At the start of each year, we’ll set a company-wide goal. We’ll all work together to achieve that goal, earn the bonus and celebrate!

When you work at In The Pocket, you are the best ambassador for our company. We count on you to help us grow our team of extraordinary people. Nothing beats a personal referral! You’ll see a nice extra sum on your pay slip when an employee you referred officially enters the In The Pocket rocket.

5. Smartening up

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”, Oscar Wilde once said. We totally agree. So suit up and let us know which relevant (international) conferences or trainings you’d like to attend. We set aside a personal learning & development budget for you to spend as you see fit. 

Friday is lunch talk day at In The Pocket. We’ll treat you to food for thought as well as for your stomach.

We try to find a balance between speakers from inside and outside In The Pocket and address a variety of subjects, from burnout to blockchain. Maybe you’d like to share your knowledge with us one Friday? 

We encourage learning and development in any way we can. To keep your mind fresh and inspired, you’ll get the chance to learn from experts or get involved in interesting sessions, like In The Pocket Academies, hackathons, workshops, meet-ups,...

6. Time is flexible

For every full calendar year you’ve worked at In The Pocket, you get an extra vacation day. One of many reasons to stick with us!

We want to help you meet your family needs and personal obligations. You can choose how you structure your 7.6 hour working day, as long as we can enjoy your presence between 9:30 am and 4 pm.

Couches get delivered, plumbers need to be let in and we want you to have comfy seats as well as hot water. Sometimes you just need to be at home during working hours, so you get 10 home working days a year.

7. Awesome extra’s

Every year, In The Pocket treats all of its employees to a (usually pretty legendary) 4-day getaway packed with activities, food, drinks and fun. No better way to get to know your colleagues on a personal level! Pins on our travel map so far: Ibiza, Sicily, Crete, Barcelona, Budapest, Evora... 

From cava and beer on Friday nights over sporty team buildings to a stylish Christmas party, we do it all. Feel like organising something yourself? Awesome! We’ll support it anyway we can.

Fresh fruit, cereal, yoghurt, milk, coffee… don’t worry about breakfast, we’ve got you covered. An afternoon craving? There’s always a range of healthy snacks to choose from as well as a fridge stocked with organic beverages.

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