In The Pocket creates cloud native applications with speed and scalability in mind.
We ensure this by making use of a microservice architecture within all our applications.

  • Use infrastructure-as-a-service
  • Make use of individual components
  • Automate everything, infrastructure as code
  • Package processes into lightweight containers
  • Use off-the-shelf management and orchestration tools

Next to this we also offer a range of API management products tailored to your need. APIs are the fuel of our digital ecosystems and have a significant growth over the last years. That’s why API Management has such an important role to keep the API ecosystem streamlined.

We have a strong focus on open source and it's also something we are proud of. By standing on the shoulder of open source giants, we can offer the best products to our customers.

What we do

In The Pocket's team of solution architects & engineers can help you defining the right product, spot opportunities and avoid caveats. We specialise in: