In The Pocket is a place for passionate and skilled people to create the best digital products. We have a laserfocus on making users happy and businesses grow. 

From strategy to product launch and beyond, we work in strategic partnerships with companies that take their digital future seriously. 

We’re an independent company, hungry and determined to build stuff that makes a lasting, positive impact. 

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  • Account Manager

    To support and expand its services to new and existing clients, ITP is looking for an Account Manager. If you browse sites like The Next Web or Tech Crunch during your break, keep on reading. If you absolutely love digital and mobile and IoT have a special place in your heart, then tell your boss that you've met someone else

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  • Business Developer

    In The Pocket is looking for an experienced, smart and passionate Business Developer to join the Belgian team. As a Business Developer you’ll be instrumental in exploring opportunities with new top tier clients. We embrace “consultative selling”: we inspire, guide and solve problems for our prospective clients. Together with the

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  • Front-end Developer

    Are you great at transforming product requirements into mobile apps? Are you aching to join a wildly dedicated team? Do you want to share your knowledge and build top-notch mobile experiences with our experienced developers? Read on, because we might just have a spot for you at our tab

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  • Full Stack Developer

    As a Full Stack Developer, you will help shaping the various components that are necessary to build modern software solutions. You have a broad interest in all aspects of software development and are eager on learning new technologies

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  • Growth Analyst

    As a Growth Analyst you are responsible for defining and delivering data-informed reports and insights. Your analytical work helps the team to work towards product success & growth by focusing on the right KPIs and having the right data to focus

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  • Intern

    Looking for a kick-ass internship at the first Digital Product Studio in Belgium? Can you keep up with one of the most motivated teams in Belgium? Apply if you think you could pitch in for our development, design or marketing team. It could be a great start to your career. 

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  • Mobile Developer (iOS/Android)

    As a mobile developer, you’ll be working on some of the most successful apps, together with some of the best mobile developers in the industry. Do you have an excellent knowledge of mobile development (iOS, Android, React Native or Xamarin) and are you up for a challenge? Do you love working in a multidisciplinary team, using th

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  • Product Designer (Visual)

    As a Product Designer (Visual) you are responsible for making our designs come to life through color, typography, imagery and motion. Your ultimate goal is to boost usability and effectiveness through designs that look and work just gre

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  • Product Manager

    As a Product Manager you are responsible for defining products and features that meet the defined user needs and business goals in the most elegant ways. You are a pragmatic idealist in a way that you can envision the best possible outcome, but you know that you can only deliver value if you can ship products to end users

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  • QA Engineer

    You have an eye for detail, a passion for perfection and you long to rid the world of bugs. You are ready to take charge of testing through well-organized scripts and rigorous testing procedures. Your communication skills are second to none. You talk to developers in a way that will help them to create better apps. If you are th

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  • Team Lead

    As a team lead, you head up an autonomous, cross-functional team. You take charge of planning and delivery of the digital products entrusted to your team while bringing out the best in your team members. At the end of the day, you are accountable for the team's performance. 

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  • Technology Manager

    As a technology manager, you’re responsible for the evolution of the technology stack that In The Pocket uses to create digital products

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  • VR Intern

    Apply if you think you could pitch in for our development team. It could be a great start to your career.

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  • Web Designer

    As an Web Designer you are responsible for translating requirements into usable, effective and delightful interfaces for websites and web apps. You take leading best-practices and proven design principles as a starting point to ensure your designs are clean, simple and focused. Next to that, you never take your eyes off the end

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  • Xamarin Developer

    You are an experienced Xamarin developer with a passion for building mobile applications. You are ready to be challenged by experienced co-workers who are motivated to be the best at what they do. You are a great team player and we are a great team. Let’s meet up for coffee.

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