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Some of our work

Aéroports de Paris

Creating an immersive experience to explore airports

Groupe ADP needed a way to visualize the existing airports in 3D, highlight the upcoming expansion of the airports and show key information about the different parts of the airports. We created HoloLens application that lets the user interact with and literally walk around in holographic 3D models of the airports.

Telenet's first AR experience

An innovative self-installation solution

A lot of Telenet customers prefer to install their Digicorder themselves, but for some it turns out to be quite a challenge. Over a very short time span, our AR Discovery Sprint showed Telenet whether AR could be useful in solving the self-installation issue. 

Ago Jobs & HR

Building a digital strategy 

For AGO Jobs & HR, we've envisioned a future digital recruitment ecosystem. The first step is the mobile app MyAGO.