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Meet Team Leuven

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

Last Friday, we opened our office in Leuven! It's the first location in addition to our headquarters in Ghent and a milestone for In The Pocket. Over the past few weeks we have gathered a top team that will be working in Leuven. We’re proud to present our newest hires, which from now on will be called Team Pathfinder:

Jan De Dobbeleer

Our Team Lead Jan De Dobbeleer is a watchmaker turned viking. Literally: he started his career as watchmaker for Cartier and Montblanc. In 2014, he joined the Belgian telecom operator Mobile Vikings, where he became App Team Lead and Development Lead. Over the past few weeks, Jan has been working in our office in Ghent, where we learned how enthusiastic he is to lead the team!

Daneo van Overloop

Developer Daneo van Overloop is - like most of us - addicted to new things and as dry as a cracker. Challenges and fun facts are known to attract his interest. Being a bit of a bibliophile, he thinks there's nothing better to do than traveling an unknown world painted by a good book, best in a dimly lit room. (Warning - he might not even hear you talking, take care not to spook him).

Veronica Cuevas

Veronica Cuevas will be our QA Engineer in Leuven. ‘My hobbies are running, cycling, reading and American football. I love to know and understand very well whatever I test. I like to know the small details and I expect to work in interesting and challenging projects, with great people and in a nice environment’, she says. We will not disappoint you, Veronica!

Stijn Adams

Our developer Stijn Adams doesn’t drink coffee. There, we said it. Already intrigued by all things digital at a young age, it only made sense for Stijn to focus on the Computer Science domain and its endless possibilities in college. By the time he graduated, he was head over heels and started his career as an iOS developer. Now, 5 years later and having work experience both in a start-up as in a global IT-consultancy company, he’s joining In The Pocket. ‘I’m convinced In The Pocket combines the best of both worlds - a tech-savvy, results-driven environment wherein passionate people can successfully collaborate on large and complex projects - and can’t wait to dive in!’

Jeroen Debois

From my new role at In The Pocket I expect the opportunity to work with a dynamic and professional team who try to make the life of end users easier by developing awesome digital products’, says Jeroen Debois. ‘I love new technological innovations and helping out others wherever I can (even though I'm shy by nature). When I'm working on something I really like, I can be quite the perfectionist and a workaholic. In my free time I like to meet up with friends and game a lil' bit, bake some delicious cakes and cookies, and from time to time I also like to draw. Oh, by the way, I always have a not-so-secret stash of chocolate in my desk drawer.’

Benjamin Malengreau

Benjamin Malengreau is a young Android developer, who started coding when he was 15. It started out as a hobby, and it still feels that way. ‘I’m always working on personal projects to play, but also to discover new ways of working and coding so I can improve my skills’, Benjamin says. When he’s not in the office, he’s climbing, baseballing or playing video games. He’s usually playing World of Warcraft — Alliance (yes, it matters), but he’s also playing strategic games.

Dirk Bollen

Last but not least: Dirk Bollen will be the Product Manager of our team in Leuven. ‘I love to look forward, to investigate how future technologies will change humanity for the best. I try to understand innovation in a bigger context and in term of behaviour patterns. That’s why I’m looking forward to work at In The Pocket Leuven. It is going to be a great journey.’

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