News September 20, 2019

In The Pocket is recruiting a second team in Leuven

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

In September 2018, exactly one year ago, In The Pocket set foot in Leuven. We started with a large empty space, which we transformed in a few months into beautiful desks full of sunlight and pleasant corners to work, meet and chill.

The small group that we initially started with has grown into a fully-fledged team working on projects for itsme and BNP Paribas, among others. Now it's time for the next step in our ambitious adventure: we’re hiring a second team in Leuven.


One of the people who has been in Leuven since the beginning is QA Engineer Veronica. "What I particularly like here is that you know everyone because it is a small team. There are deadlines, but I don’t feel stressed. We have our own framework and way of working, and because of our open communication I have the feeling that I can honestly say how I feel about how things are going.”

Her colleagues say that it is the ideal workplace because you can choose where you work depending on your mood. There are spaces to focus, seats in which you can work on your laptop and there is even a hammock hanging above the kitchen.


"What really appeals to me is the loose atmosphere between people," says designer Jordan. "We are a very pragmatic team that can adapt quickly. We are not going to make things unnecessarily complex because we want to be as efficient as possible. "

His colleague Stijn confirms what Jordan says. “You shouldn't forget that we have a drink here each Thursday. Actually, we don't want to drink beer at all, we just do it out of solidarity with the students from Leuven. And because Stella is our preferred beer, we support the local economy while doing so. Isn't that nice?”

Who we're looking for in Leuven