We're a team of 110 engineers, product designers and strategists with a passion to create digital products that make people happy and businesses grow. From strategy to product launch and beyond, we work in strategic partnerships with companies that take their digital future seriously.

In The Pocket operates in the sweet spot between technology, design and business

Great digital products and services don’t materialise from thin air. They are the outcome of a clear strategy: what needs are you solving for users, what business objectives do you want to attain, and which digital touch points will allow you to succeed? We translate your objectives into an actionable roadmap and design and build your digital product or platform with state-of-the-art software quality processes.

But it doesn't stop there. Beyond a first release, with KPIs defined and user data coming in, you want to meticulously analyse where your current users experience friction, and try to remove that by targeted updates. That's where our Growth team comes in. Their mission? Growing your product to increase its business success.


We explore, build and grow businesses from our offices in Ghent and Leuven (Belgium) and are proud to work for international clients in retail, media, health, HR solutions, finance, telecom and travel. We build smart digital products and platforms for mobile, web, augmented & virtual reality and the cloud.


We combine these capabilities in multifunctional autonomous teams and organise ourselves in the most efficient way to deliver value fast, provide continuous development and shorten your time-to market.