Running a business often comes with challenges. ‘How might we improve the queueing experience in our stores?’, for instance, or “How can we improve our order picking process?” That’s why In The Pocket created the Challenge Sprint, a fast-paced adventure all about - you guessed it - solving a juicy challenge.

This track is perfect for when you have a clear challenge, but no idea about how to solve it. That’s actually a great thing: it gives our joint team a well-defined mission, but leaves a lot of room for creativity.

As an outcome, you’ll have a validated prototype of a possible solution to tackle your challenge.

As KBC is an innovative bank, we want to help improve the shopping experience for both the trader and the customer. With KBC Payments we can do that for a small - but very important - part: the payment. After all, customers want it to be faster and smoother, but still just as safe. The solution that we built together with our partner 'In The Pocket' is the perfect answer to this need.

Bartel Braeckman (Product Manager Payments, KBC)

A challenge sprint is our take on Google Ventures’ Design Sprint. In just a couple of weeks we run through the following steps towards a validated solution:

Challenge Sprint

During a one/two-day offsite in our dedicated workshop space, we will get things started by working intensively with the sprint team. In this phase, we tackle the first steps of the design thinking process: what is the need we are solving, and which is the best approach to solving it?

For each Challenge Sprint, we design the workshop and exercises to the specific case. This can include:

  • Understand: lightning talks, audience mapping, experience mapping, customer journeys, stakeholder analysis, etc.
  • Define: challenge writing, how-might-we’s, etc.
  • Explore: crazy 8’s, storyboarding, Shift The Game (our very own innovation card game), etc.
  • Decide: idea museum, 2-by-2 prioritisation, etc.

We conclude the kick-off with a more pragmatic part: Plan. Here, we make sure we are aligned about which prototype will be built, divide the work at hand, make arrangements about demos or user testing, etc.

In the following weeks, our digital product experts will translate the agreed upon concept into the right interface. Our product designers will apply best practices within interaction and visual design to make sure the experience is top notch.

We’ll provide demo moments to further fine-tune the concept.

By the end of this period, you will have a working prototype, like a clickable designed interface. No technical integrations, but the test audience won’t notice. And their feedback, that’s what we’re after.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Now that we have a working prototype, we will organise user testing. Here, we will discover if our solution works.

You will receive all the insights, but more importantly: it will provide you with the confidence to move forward with your solution. And if the solution doesn’t suffice, we will have learned this after just a few weeks, not after a year-long, costly development process.

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