Digital products are constantly changing. A focus group indicates that the design should be different, the company gets a rebranding or the marketing team decides that a button should be replaced to a different location. Every change triggers a chain reaction, which takes a lot of valuable time.

To create consistency in their designs, most companies use a design system. A design system is a well-documented, overarching set of rules and agreements on how to create products and communications by using components. The single source of truth, you might say.

You’re not just designing ‘apps and websites’ anymore. You are designing your digital transformation. And the stakes are high.

Design systems are not only about the design - it’s also impacting the way developers and designers work together. It makes the cooperation run smoother and automates unnecessary work.


you need a design system

Still in doubt?

If you're a manager, director, product owner, product lead or C-level executive at a scale-up or large company you will probably recognise one or multiple challenges listed below. These are the symptoms that identify the need of a scalable design approach.

Different files such as design files, design handoff sources and development assets create a fragmented source of truth

You're documentation is scattered in Confluence or Wiki pages, design files, prototyping tools, Jira tickets or PDF exports.

You're building the same components from scratch over and over again, teams work in silo's or components are not documented.

Your designs don't match the code of your products, there's no co-ownership or automated system for managing changes.

You experience inconsistencies between design and implementation, different visions between departments or a lack of documentation.

Getting started

As a fast growing scale-up, with more than 100 designers and developers building digital platforms that millions of people use, we felt the need of automating our design efforts. That's why we created Hubble, an open source ecosystem that really connects 
developers and designers. With our experience in setting up design systems for ourselves and clients we can kickstart your first design system or help you design your first components.

Get started with Design Systems

We can help you see the value of design systems, work towards an actionable plan for implementing them in your organisation, or even design the first components of your design system.

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