We reduced the workload of a payroll service provider by classifying 2000 mails automatically each day. What is your AI strategy for next year?

In The Pocket is a team of more than 100 software engineers, product designers and digital strategists on a mission to build AI-empowered products that make people happy and businesses grow. Our machine learning experts help you define your AI strategy and create prototypes of your most valuable use cases. Our mixed teams design and build your smart digital products.


Telenet AI

Image Recognition for Woody

How to get started

To help companies explore the possibilities of AI, we’ve created several tracks that uncover potential use cases, build a first pilot and deliver a clear roadmap as a final result. Together with a small team on your side, we’ll move from understanding the tech to working prototypes, in just a couple of weeks. Already pinpointed your use case? Our autonomous & cross-functional teams can't wait to build and ship your intelligent digital product.

The In The Pocket workshop gave our members the opportunity to quickly identify the most important use cases for artificial intelligence in the construction sector.

Steven Everaert, President of The Digital Board ADEB - VBA