Humans interact with machines and services via digital products. In order to make these interactions as natural and convenient as possible, it’s necessary to make smart digital products. In The Pocket is doing this by implementing machine learning, which enables the digital products to see, listen, think and sense the real world.

We believe that these smart interfaces will lead to a new paradigm of human first design. By analyzing the behaviour of the users, we can incorporate artificial intelligence into our products to empower users with great new features, but also to eliminate tedious steps along the way. We don’t apply AI for the sake of AI, because technology is a tool, not the reason. By eliminating or facilitating certain steps in a process, we can improve ease of use, accuracy and speed to bridge the gap between intent and result. In a sense, we use AI to create the ultimate UX.

What we do

In The Pocket helps you define use cases where machine learning can help you. We find out what kind of data is required to power the algorithms and embed these algorithms in the right, user-friendly interface. Discover our application domains:

Discover the possibilities of AI

To help companies explore the possibilities of AI, we’ve created a 4-step program that aims to uncover potential use cases, build a first pilot and deliver a clear roadmap as a final result. Together with a small team on your side, we’ll move from understanding the tech to working prototypes, in just a couple of weeks.

Get started with our Roadmap to AI

In just a few weeks’ time, we pinpoint the most viable AI opportunity for your business, build a first pilot and deliver a clear roadmap as a final result.

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