Launching your product is just a first step. Beyond a first release, you want to grow your product to increase its business succes. With the KPIs defined and actual user data coming in, you now have a thorough view on how people are (not) using your product. From now on, you don't want to base any of your roadmap decisions on gut feeling. You want to meticulously analyse where your current users experience friction, and try to remove that by targeted updates. And that's exactly what our Growth team will do with you.

Our Growth team aims to boost your product’s user base, engagement and retention through a structured goal-oriented approach:

  • Are your product’s KPIs well defined and measurable?
  • How is your product reaching the KPIs?
  • Which structured experiments and improvements can we launch that can stimulate a desired KPI?

You can rely on us for:

  • KPI definition
  • A/B Testing
  • Metrics & tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • App Store Optimisation


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