AG Insurance is a Belgian insurance company providing life insurance and non-life insurance and supplementary pensions. One of the departments of AG Insurance is its healthcare service. In The Pocket joined forces with AG Insurance to define a digital roadmap, create online and mobile concepts that empower customers and streamline its processes.

Discover both problems and possibilities

Instead of diving directly into building an application or platform, we worked on the vision first. We started with a Discovery Track, which draws on design thinking to chart the future digital ecosystem.

First, we made sure we had a good understanding of the current situation and challenges, e.g. through experience mapping. Then, we defined the most important user needs to solve, and business goals to attain. Given the B2B2E nature of this industry, things like stakeholder mapping were an important aspect.

Next up, we explored a lot of possible solutions: from digital health cards over self-service environments to wearable-driven absenteeism solutions. Each concept was documented and made tangible through high-level wearables. Ultimately, we decided upon the concepts that would provide most value to both customers and users.

AG Insurance
AG Insurance

Design the solution

One of those concepts was a self-service tool for customers to make claims, report hospitalisations, declare costs, etc. A valuable concept: it is a need that is worth solving, and a solution that would greatly speed up the process for both customers and AG Insurance.

We continued on a Design Track, where we deep dive into the specifics of how a digital solutions should work. We create clickable wireframes and designs to explore the best user experience (UX) and interface (UI).

This prototype serves a double function:

  • We engaged in user testing to get feedback on the concept and its usability.
  • AG Insurance was able to present it to stakeholders to secure buy-in and scope out the project.

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