What's the brablem?

Luxury lingerie manufacturer Van de Velde has come a long way since its inception in 1919. With three top-of-the-line brands in its portfolio, it has been shaping the bodies and minds of women for nearly 100 years. To keep thriving in an ever-digitising world, the company enlisted In The Pocket’s help to support its digital transformation.

In-store service and superior experiences are some of the companies’ main tenets, so it was important to translate those core values to a digital environment. To improve both the in-store experience and the online shopping journey, Van de Velde came up with a two-pronged solution.

First, they enhanced select fitting room mirrors with scanners and smart technology to create a personalised experience using a unique body avatar. Then, In The Pocket created an AR app that allowed women to get an up close and personal 3D view of lingerie sets from the comfort of their living room.

Van De Velde
Van De Velde


AR is a booming technology but it is relatively new and still evolving every day. To show companies how to leverage AR to reach their business goals, we’ve created tailor-made the Roadmap to AR. In a matter of weeks, we designed a working prototype and offered Van de Velde a tangible solution to their challenges.

Van de Velde

A Roadmap to AR consists of just three simple steps:

During a 2 day workshop, Van de Velde and In The Pocket team members joined forces to map the full customer experience, to identify customer pains and to tackle the requirements of success.

We developed a working prototype of the app with ARKit, Apple's framework for augmented reality apps. Regular demos and feedback moments gave us the agility to improve as we went on.

We partnered with the mict research group at Ghent University (and part of the digital research institute imec), to organise a test panel for our functional prototype. Our test audience had the chance to create their own avatars and to discover the various 3D lingerie pieces in AR.

Van de Velde


Van de Velde was pleasantly surprised to see just how polished and complete the prototype had become in just 15 days of development. During that time, we focused on creating a rich, personalised shopping experience.

Prototype features:

  • Chat interface for easy onboarding.
    Smooth onboarding is essential to any app’s success.
  • 3 distinct avatars that can be dropped in any physical space.
    These are currently standard but could easily become customisable, allowing users to adjust anything from size to hair colour.
  • Product info and advice for each piece of lingerie.
    This is a great way to offer advice while allowing users to inspect the product from every angle.
  • Tool for Van de Velde to upload new 3D product models into the app.
    This tool puts Van de Velde in the driver’s seat and allows them to upload new content without having to depend on In The Pocket’s availability.

In the future, Van de Velde could easily scale the platform, add algorithms to offer personalised recommendations, and integrate the AR app with other customer touchpoints.

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