News June 04, 2018

Apple introduces iOS 12, Siri Shortcuts and ARKit 2

Thomas Smolders

Resident Writer

In Cupertino thousands of developers, journalists and full-time geeks come together this week for the Worldwide Developers Conference. At WWDC, Apple every year presents the latest technological innovations during a five-day event. Especially the opening night is one of the highlights for those working in the tech industry.

'It is fantastic to be back!', Tim Cook shouted as he entered the room wearing a pair of sneakers. More than 6,000 people were in the building, millions of others followed WWDC at home. It will be an important year for Apple, since last week venture capitalist Mary Meeker's stated that 2017 was the first year since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 in which the sales of smartphones had not increased.

As previously expected, Apple announced iOS 12. The update of the mobile operating system promises to be a lot more stable and faster than its predecessor. It will not only work on the latest devices, but also on four year old iPhones and iPads. "We have a lot more to tell you. Let’s start with augmented reality," said Craig Federighi, senior VP or Software Engineering.

One of the examples he cited is Measure, a new application that allows users to measure objects in the 'real' world with AR at the touch of a button. Like iOS, ARKit (which we used to build a.o. this application for Telenet) also got a new look. From now on, different players can play together in the same virtual world - or even bring LEGO buildings to life.

Siri reinvented

Every month about 10 billion questions are asked to Siri worldwide. A number that will even increase with the introduction of 'Shortcuts'. Now applications on mobile products and the Apple Watch can link directly to Siri. In addition, Siri will also suggest certain actions based on your behavior. Do you order a coffee every morning? As soon as Siri understands your habits, she will do it for you.

Just as Google announced last month at the I / O Conference, Apple promises to focus on digital health in the future. The tech giant wants to do this with a new 'do not disturb' mode, adjusted settings for notifications and far-reaching insights into your usage patterns.

The new version of WatchOS also focuses on health. From now on it will be possible to challenge friends to take as many steps as possible and new sports have been added to better measure your activity.

There's a bunch more to discover from the announcements at WWDC - new Animoji, anyone? - which we'll discuss in detail later this week. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch!