Weʼre thrilled to announce our In The Pocket Summer Tech Talks. Since the summer vibes have caught all of us by now, why not host them on the picturesque canals of Ghent? Seats are very limited (only 20 spots per boat), so sign up now and grab your free ticket! 

22/08 (Sold out)

Raise bots by Stef & Gil Nimmegeers

The brothers Nimmegeers are techno-optimists and breathe innovation. Since theyʼre both passionate about user experience, they founded Bothrs where they raise bots and create intelligent platforms that solve real-world issues.


The current state of Docker
by Nils De Moor

De Moor is a self-identified techie and holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. Joining WooRank in 2011 as its CTO, he brings a broad range of development experience. De Moor began his career as a PhD researcher but couldnʼt hold back from getting his hands dirty and quickly shifted into a consulting role with major Telecom and software companies. He speaks regularly at local and international tech conferences while leading WooRankʼs team of talented developers.

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