In The Pocket creates compelling apps and websites, in which user experience & delight are essential. Despite both mobile and web being around for quite some time, their capabilities are still growing and making excellent products in this space will always be challenging. 

Modern day browsers have become full operating systems and the line between mobile & web is ever more blurry: today we're using digital products on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, tv's, watches & cars. Mobile and web technologies are used and combined without us even realising it. New frameworks and technologies pop up every week, with cross-platform development and mobile web technologies maturing rapidly. 

Our work: Stievie

Our work: Stievie

Defining a great product, choosing the right platforms and technologies is what we do. Achieving business goals and making users happy is where we make the difference. 

What we do

In The Pocket's team of product strategists, product designers, solution architects & engineers can help you defining the right product, spot opportunities and avoid caveats. We specialise in: