Whether you are in product development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing & sales, service management or HR; Augmented Reality creates opportunities in product differentiation, cost effectiveness and communication with your stakeholders.

You don't need a killer app or killer hardware to be successful with AR. At In The Pocket we think AR as a feature is the smartest way to be successful in the consumer space today. Take the mobile app you've already got, explore where the good opportunities for AR are, and make it work.

Augmented Reality is not only great at bringing virtual objects into the real world - it is also great at bringing real objects and places to life with digital information. A good machine learning model can quickly and reliably recognize things in the real world, which feeds into AR's ability to augment the real world with interactive digital elements. This unlocks extremely practical applications for both everyday life and work contexts.


We add value to your digital product using Augmented Reality

Discover the AR opportunities for your business

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are so different from any other technology, that it might be hard to see right away just how your company can benefit from them. Our Roadmap to AR helps you discover these exciting technologies and how they can work for your product, service or marketing.

Roadmap to AR

In just a few weeks’ time, we pinpoint the most viable AR opportunity for your business, build a working prototype of it and test and validate it.

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