A digital product can only grow if it’s embedded in the right ecosystem and the digital strategy is built on strong fundamentals. So before you start a project, it is important to take a step back. Our digital strategists and solution architects do this by using service design to create a holistic vision and map the technical ecosystem.

  • What architecture can best support your business objectives?
  • How does data from digital touch points flow through your systems?
  • Which components or systems are required?
  • How can the platform be as future proof as possible?

At the end of our exercise, you'll have a clear digital strategy: a future-proof vision and a plan to release it.

How we work

Together we will map out a solid platform architecture that will provide the blueprint of how your solution will be orchestrated. We approach this in several ways to make sure that we truly get the complete picture.

Before we start charting a digital experience, we need to thoroughly understand both the user and customer perspective and the existing application architecture.

In a number of collaborative workshops workshops we will map out the existing customer journey and work towards a common understanding of your current application architecture.

Based on the strategic ambitions, we will define the digital vision:

  • Business objectives to attain
  • How to differentiate from competitors in digital channels
  • The key challenges or the moments of truth
  • The user needs to solve across the customer journey

With our vision aligned, we will now explore the future ecosystem of digital channels, services and platforms. In this phase we will focus on three different deliverables:

  1. Service blueprints
  2. Solution architecture
  3. Interaction designs

Aligned with the defined digital vision and the to-be architecture we will draw a roadmap for implementation, consisting of:

  • A high-level project plan
  • Indications on budget
  • Prioritization
  • Dependencies and risk management