A digital product can only grow if it’s embedded in the right ecosystem and the digital strategy is built on strong fundamentals. So before you start a project, it is important to take a step back. Our digital strategists and architects do this by using service design to create a holistic vision and map the technical ecosystem.

  • What architecture can best support your business objectives?
  • How does data from digital touch points flow through your systems?
  • Which components or systems are required?
  • How can the platform be as future proof as possible?

platform architecture

How we work

Together we will map out a solid platform architecture that will provide the blueprint of how your solution will be orchestrated. We approach this in several ways to make sure that we truly get the complete picture.

Before we start charting a digital experience, we need to thoroughly understand both the user and customer perspective and the existing application architecture. In a number of collaborative workshops we will map out the existing customer journey and work towards a common understanding of your current application architecture. Based on the digital vision we will explore the future ecosystem of digital channels, services and platforms.

We will shape the high level technical foundations to support your digital business strategy.

  • Identify the most important non-functional requirements needed to support business objectives
  • Design to-be enterprise architecture to support service design
  • Consider the delta with the current situation and advise in a potential roadmap
  • Support buy or build decisions for distinct systems

Based on the enterprise architecture we will design the high-level architecture for your platform. We will:

  • Apply domain-driven design to identify the critical subsystems and their responsibilities
  • Consider integration points between subsystems, towards 3rd parties and towards the people or systems using the platform
  • Design DevOps processes (deployment, monitoring, security, log aggregation,...)

Our system architects shape the architecture of the smallest digital building blocks of a platform (such as mobile applications, front-end web applications or back-end systems). In this phase we will:

  • Decide on the used technology in these subsystems
  • Design the software architecture
  • Manage dependencies
  • Design the CI/CD pipeline (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)